CREW Study Comes to an End

June 12, 2014

“Nowadays in the world we livin’ in, you gotta have a cell phone. Cell phone is like a second heart.”

-CREW participant

How do friendships impact health and behavior? What role does technology play in the formation of identity, maturation and networking? These are just some of the questions that we set out to research in the CREW Study. Cell phones have been an increasingly important part of the human experience, and can potentially provide opportunities for the promotion of public health.  CREW enrolled emerging adult (ages 18-25) men living in New Haven, taking a holistic view of the participants by collecting data that includes cell phone text messages and call history, participant posts on social media sites, and self-reported information regarding behaviors, friendships, the community and the environment. Participants enjoyed being a part of the project and often mentioned the need for programs in New Haven that better engage community members and provide more resources for the youth. We hope that the CREW Study will be a springboard for additional work in this fascinating and much needed area of Community Health research. We will provide a regular summary of the findings of this study and how they can impact the community in the year to come. The CREW team would like to thank to the contributions and enthusiasm of our participants and community collaborators.