Current Projects:


Project RENEW


Past Projects:


Partners in LIFE (Love, Intimacy, and Family Education)

A couple-based relationship strengthening HIV prevention intervention project.
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CREW (Cell-Phone Research To Enhance Well-Being)

The CREW study seeks to understand how the use of cell phone technology influences existing social networks and impacts decision making among men ages 18-25 years.
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Test and Tweet:  Change through Social Technologies


Currently, the incidence of HIV cases among men who have sex with men (MSM) is increasing. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 21% of the HIV population is unaware of their HIV status. 

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Multi-level Intervention for HIV-Positive MSM in India

This study seeks to develop, implement, and assess an innovative multi-level intervention for HIV-positive MSM in India to promote their health, safer sex, and disclosure of HIV status. There have been few HIV prevention interventions for HIV-positive MSM in India, one of the most high-risk and vulnerable populations in the world. 

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PARTNRS (Parenting and Relationship Transition & Risk Study)

This study sought to understand the sexual and reproductive health of young expectant fathers and their adolescent partners as they transitioned to parenthood.
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Father’s Social Networks

Fathers can play an important role in child development and family functioning. This study seeks to understand how a fathers’ friends may influence his health behaviors and involvement with his children. 

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